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The following is a general guide to setting up Microsoft’s Outlook Express versions 5 and 6 to enable you to send and receive e-mails. 

The ability to create separate Identities is a powerful and constructive element in Microsoft’s Outlook Express. If you are on a multi-user PC and require private settings for your e-mail account, then creating an Identity will enable you to do so. These are customised settings you can have under separate names in Outlook Express. The ability to create Identities can also be used to access each different mailbox you have separately (although all can be accessed within the same identity if required).

It is recommended that you retain your existing e-mail account with your ISP, and not remove it from your mail accounts - this will allow you to continue receiving mail sent to your old e-mail address(es).

Step 1

Having Outlook Express loaded, from the main window you will be able to set up Outlook Express to send and retrieve mail from the e-mail account you have hosted with cheynegang.co.uk. Click on Tools:Accounts to enter into this set-up process.

Step 2

Here a pop-up screen will appear, with 4 tabs - All, Mail, News, Directory Service - Click on the second of these tabs - 'Mail' - click on 'Add' then click on 'Mail'.

Step 3

The display name is the name that will appear in the 'From' field every time you send an e-mail. In the available space, enter the name you wish to appear (for FAQ purposes the sample has Linker) and then click on next.

Step 4

This step requires you to enter the email address you are configuring this account for. Click on the radio button 'I already have an email address I'd like to use'. In this case, the account is being configured for Linker at the domain cheynegang.co.uk, hence the email linker@cheynegang.co.uk. Type in the name of the email address you are configuring (e.g. linker@cheynegang.co.uk) and click on the next button.

Step 5

Sending and retrieving mails requires the use of e-mail servers. For your cheynegang.co.uk e-mail account, the Incoming mail server is a POP3 server, this is the default server selected in Outlook Express, however if this drop down menu option has been changed click on it and change it to POP3.

In the next two boxes, the addresses for the incoming and outgoing mail servers are required.

The incoming mail server address is : pop.oneandone.co.uk
The outgoing mail server address is : auth.smtp.oneandone.co.uk

Click on next to proceed to the next page.

Step 6

Here you must have your e-mail username and password for the account you are configuring ready. Your e-mail address, username and password should be sent to you, if not, e-mail me.

Enter your username and password details, and it is up to if you wish for the system to remember your password or if you want to re-enter it every time accessing your mail. Click next to proceed to the next step.

Step 7

Click on Finish to end the set-up procedure using the Internet Connection Wizard.

Setting Your New Mailbox as Default and Setting Account to Authentication Mode

Following using the Internet Connection Wizard, you will now need to set up your new account as your default mailbox and to set to authentication mode, i.e. our mailboxes require a password when mail is sent out as well as for receiving mail. To do this, click on Tools:Accounts again. Click on the name of the new mail account and select Set as Default.

This will set your new account as your default mailbox, i.e. any new mail sent will be sent from your new mailbox.

Now click on the Properties button and a new window will appear. 

Click on the Servers tab and ensure that the tick appears next to 'My server requires authentication'. Click on the Settings button to the right.

Ensure that 'Use same settings as my incoming mail server' is checked. Click on the OK button on all windows to close.

You are done! You account is now fully configured and ready to start sending and receiving mails through cheynegang.co.uk and 1&1 with Microsoft's Outlook Express software.