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Welcome to the homepage for the cheynegang.co.uk e-mail service. This is provided to selected members of my family who can now have a more personal e-mail address, instead of one given to them by their ISP or webmail provider.

cheynegang.co.uk e-mail is provided through POP3 e-mail boxes, which mean they can be accessed using programs such as Outlook Express, Netscape Communicator, Eudora, etc.

Alternatively, you can use webmail to access your e-mail through any computer with internet access, this is ideal when you are out and about, but can reach a computer at a friend's, your work or in an internet cafe. Click on the webmail icon below, and login using your FULL e-mail address and password.

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Setting Up Your E-mail with Outlook Express (Windows) 
Setting Up Your E-mail With Outlook Express (Mac) 
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